Here’s how buying on DebtTrader works

Browse a huge selection

Using DebtTrader’s advanced filtering tools, you can set alerts to be notified when the right deal is listed, ensuring you quickly and easily identify portfolios that meet your investment criteria and even compare them to other portfolios.

Review deal packet

You can review electronically and/or download hard copies of the deal packet which include; loan contracts, pay histories, seller surveys, masked data files, and you can review portfolio valuation analysis from major national scoring companies.

Make a bid

Submitting your bid has never been simpler or more secure. Once you have reviewed the portfolio sale packet, login in to, select the portfolio and submit your competitive bid on a one-time purchase or for a forward flow.

Closing the sale

When a final offer has been accepted, you can review and negotiate terms and execute the sale agreement electronically. Once the agreement is mutually executed you fund the seller directly and download your purchased portfolio securely.

Post-Sale Management

Post-Sale management is key to a successful purchase. With DebtTrader’s transaction management system you can submit buy-backs, request documentation, respond to buy backs and respond to a consumer complaint 100% online.